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Affenhuahua is a newly introduced breed. It is a hybrid breed that arises from a cross between an Affenpinscher and a Chihuahua. Affenhuahua will inherit the traits of both parents at a random level. Some might have more behavioral characteristics of an Affenpinscher, and others might have traits of a Chihuahua. That is why it’s suggested to study an Affenhuahua before adopting it so that you are aware of its characteristics, whether it is more like a Chihuahua or an Affenpinscher. They are also known as Affen Chi.  

Like both parents, these cute little pups are small too, which makes them great as apartment dogs. If you are someone with a small household or a single-person household, an Affenhuahua is perfect for you. As a toy breed, they are very energetic and playful, who will keep you on your toes! Along with unconditional love, they will alert you for any danger as well.  

Affenhuahua tends to have short stature with a round head. They are mainly in black, brown, fawn and cream colors. Sometimes their color is mixed, and sometimes it is a solid color. They have a short coat, which is friendly for allergy sufferers.  

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Affenhuahua Key Information

Height:6 to 12 inches 
Weight:4 to 12 pounds 
Life span: 15 years 
Breed family: Mixed Breed Dog 

Exercise requirements: Medium
Good with children: Maybe
Area of origin: North America
Also Known As: Affen Chi 


Affenhuahua’s name is taken from the parent breeds; Affenpinscher and Chihuahua. ‘Affen’ from Affenpinscher and ‘huahua’ from Chihuahua makes Affenhuahua. 

Chihuahuas, the smallest breed of dog, are thought to be descendants of a small dog called a Techichi, which was an important part of Aztec culture. Being an ancient breed, Chihuahuas originated during the 5th century in Mexico. Sometimes referred to as ‘purse dogs’ the Chihuahuas were seen as a symbol of power and wealth.  

However, the Affenpinscher is said to have been originated as a Terrier in Germany during the 1600s. They were used for turning out burrowing animals like foxes from piles of the earth but the main purpose of Affenpinscher was to hunt rodents, and therefore, they were known as working dogs. Now, it is viewed as a rare breed that’s not easily spotted in cities like other pet dogs.  

The Affenhuahua’s exact time of origin is unknown; however, it seemingly begins to appear during the 21st century in the USA, in hope for a designer dog. Although it is seen as a designer toy-dog breed, some dogs have ended up in shelters or with the rescue team. So, if you want one, it’s good to look around in Animal shelters in your area as they are up for adoptions as well.  

Affenhuahuas were bred to achieve a lapdog with their size and personality in mind. Due to their small size and alert nature, they have made a great choice as a lapdog that loves their owners and alert them from immediate dangers.  


Yes, you guessed it right! Like its parent dogs, Affenhuahua’s are very often described as yappy. They are quite fearless considering their size! They have strongly inherited the characteristics of Chihuahuas and Affenpinscher. Just like its Chihuahua parents, these little buddies can be stubborn with their humans too. Albeit, breeders say that Affenhuahuas can be trained easily if they have a committed trainer and their training remains consistent. They are a typical dog in a small dog’s body. 

Affenhuahuas are very alert breed of dogs who will alert you about any potential danger as well, even if it’s not a “danger” danger. A knock on the door can be misinterpreted as a danger too. Cute, yeah. Even though they’re small in size, they like to think of themselves as bigger than their size. They are protective of their humans and don’t like having strangers around. They’d prefer you to binge-watch the latest series with them instead of your friends! If you like to have guests over, it’s better to get your Affenhuahua’s training started as soon as possible to avoid their guarding behavior. 

Affenhuahua’s are moderately trainable. Training for unwanted barking habits is a must and should be started early on. They will keep training to please their owners and love energetic training sessions. 

Interaction with Children

Affenhuahuas also tends to bond closely with one member of the family but does manage to get along with the rest of the house. This small package of entertainment might be best suited for a single person or small family. 

Affenhuahua’s prefer to be the center of attention and enjoy love and affection from their human. They prefer to be with adults or kids who can play gently with them. Children who are gentle with pets and learn to play with a small dog can have Affenhuahua as active companions. They can be stubborn sometimes. Obedience training and the right socialization from the owner will help an Affenhuahua to learn how to behave. 

Interaction with other pets

Affenhuahuas are friendly towards other animals. If they are early and properly introduced to other pets, they will learn to socialize with them. However, if not socialized they can become temperaments and see other animals as threats. 

Full training and special assistance are essential for Affenhuahuas to make them fully comfortable with other pets in the house. These little creatures can get angry if they don’t like other pets around them. 


An ideal diet should consist of food specially formulated with high energy for a small dog like Affenhuahua. Since it’s a small dog it doesn’t need a lot of food. ¼ to ½ cup of dry dog food will be good enough for their nutritional needs. Yes, it sounds surprising, but Affenhuahuas are tiny and it makes sense. 

You really don’t want to overfeed your dog as with any other pet, it can make them obese. High-quality food is recommended for better health. You can feed your dog for about 3-4 times a day with small quantities. 

Like every other growing dog, your Affenhuahuas needs will change too. Stay in touch with your vet and he should tell you if any changes in the diet are needed. 

Food Allergies

Thankfully the dog does not suffer any food allergies. However, it should be kept in mind that any food that is allergic to other dogs will be allergic to your Affenhuahua.  

Most common food that causes allergies to dogs includes wheat, dairy, and beef. If you’ve fed your dog any of these, make sure you keep an eye out for symptoms like dry itchy skin, diarrhea, skin infections, and ear infections


To make sure your Affenhuahuas stay fit, you should check in with a veterinarian for a routine checkup. Regular checks help identify any underlying health problems at its initial stage which makes it easier to treat it before it gets any worse. Your little doggie might be able to get a good walk inside the house but it’s great for your dog to go for a walk outside for an hour-long session every day and engage in playful activities. If you have a busy schedule, a walk at least once or twice a week should compensate as well. Make sure they stay away from other dogs as they like to challenge them!

Check them for pests daily and clean their ears as often as your vet recommends. Trim its nails regularly once or twice a month. The best way to know when it’s time to trim their nails short is when it clicks against the floor.

Maintaining your Affenhuahua’s dental health is a crucial step in their care, as little dogs are prone to dental health issues. Daily brushing their teeth is important. If you don’t know how to brush their teeth, ask your veterinarian. A vet can instruct you the best. 


Affenhuahuas coat length varies from dog to dog. Some dogs have short coats and some have long. They come in different colors and variations. The main colors or Affenhuahuas are brown, black, fawn, and white. Sometimes they have a solid coat too. 

Affenhuahuas with short coats shed little hair which doesn’t require a lot of grooming which makes them great if you have allergy sufferings. However, Affenhuahuas with a longer coat might not be so allergy-friendly. A good brushing weekly is your go-to solution for their overall coat grooming.

However, when going out to a beach remember to keep dog’s sunscreen! Affenhuahuas cannot tolerate extreme weather due to their short coats. You might want to keep a blanket around for them if you live in a colder climate. 


Nail trimming is essential to maintain your doggie’s health. It is recommended to trim your Affenhuahuas nails after every month or so. Their nails shouldn’t click against the floor. You should use the right tools and techniques to avoid hurting your little friend. 


Affenhuahuas are slightly active dogs so a little exercise can be enough to keep them happy and healthy. It’s an ideal dog for an apartment because their home play adds as their exercise. It’s an advantage of their small size. It should be taken for a walk at least once a week to give the dog different stimulations. 


It is moderately easy to train Affenhuahuas. It’s not going to be super fast but it will not be very slow either. They can be stubborn but still, stick with their training when positively rewarded for their good behavior. Rewards, like his favorite treats, will keep him motivated during the training session. 

Any kind of negative treatment will make things a lot slower as Affenhuahuas are sensitive dogs. Shouting should be avoided as a must as it will really upset your companion. 

Don’t go on their size and treat them like babies. They like a firm owner who sets their boundaries!



Affenhuahuas is perfect for apartments and single-person households for many reasons. The most important reason is their compact size makes it perfect for small-households, as it takes less space. Affenhuahuas are very active and playful, which means they might run around the house quite often. They also have a high tendency to bark for which you will have to train them to avoid unwanted barks. 

Dog Houses / Kennels

While pretty much every pet enjoys outside, you should keep your Affenhuahua inside as it is not safe for him outdoors. With that size, nobody will be safe outdoors. Also, frequent weather change is unhealthy for your dog!

Leaving them alone

Affenhuhuas are sensitive dogs and fond of their humans. Leaving them alone for long periods will deprive them of exercise and mental stimulation. They are prone to panic when left alone. Such breeds do well with humans around them. You can choose to take them to work. 


Affenhuahua breed also faces some of the same conditions as Chihuahua and Affenpinscher. Some of the health problems include

It is important to maintain good care and regular veterinary checkups to detect problems earlier. Early detection is always beneficial in treatments. 

Older age

The breed ages are just fine.


No. They are not easily prone to allergies. It is always preferred to check with a vet. 

Wrapping up

As you might have read now, Affenhuahuas is a great companion for people who feel alone. This little pup can really love you and fearlessly protect you against anything that they find as a threat. Make sure you introduce your pet with your friends as they are not very fond of strangers. As they like to be their human’s center of attention, they prefer to be the only pet in the house. However, they do get along with other pets such as cats and dogs. 

You should be mindful before getting a dog for yourself as a pet requires your love, care, and attention. Without it, your dog is likely to suffer from anxiety. Therefore, it is best to keep in mind your schedule before buying a dog.

We have tried to ensure that the information on this page is as accurate as possible. If you see any mistakes please let us know through our Contact Us page.