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Beagle Food Information: Diet And Chart

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Beagle Food: An Overview On What And How To Feed

If you love your dog then after reading this article you will be able to make him love you. There is no doubt in it that Beagles are one of the most popular dogs. They are clever and look absolutely adorable with big dark eyes and white tail. Buying a beagle dog doesn’t finish your job. It is important to feed them the right way.

If the Beagle food is not good or not served in proper quantity then the dog will face various health issues. You can even use creative ways to feed the dog so that its hunting skills improve

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What to feed the Beagle?

The food that you are going to serve the beagle should be high in protein. For growth puppies, the demand for protein is much high as compared to the grown-up ones. The protein-rich food helps in maintaining an active lifestyle. 

The Association of American Feed Control Officials approves the food that contains all the necessary ingredients. So you can trust the food approved by them. Check the ingredients section of the dog food. It should contain whole meat, fish as one of the main ingredients.

You can opt for the food that also contains fatty acids, vegetables, fruits, and more. These are again good for the dog’s health. If you are wondering what do beagles eat then there is a piece of good news for you. Beagles are known for eating almost everything. They are not picky so you won’t have to search for a particular type of food.

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If you are going to serve dry dog food and it will be a much better option as compared to a wet one. There are two types of food that you can serve the dog. One is homemade food and another one is manufactured food. 

For homemade you can try out some beagle food recipes at home. The ingredients are in your complete control so you can feed the exact ingredients. You can even make a beagle diet chart to ensure the dog gets all the nutrients throughout the week.

Another option would be to feed manufactured food. In this case, you won’t have to prepare the food on your own. Choosing the right dog food brand would do the job. You will feel much secure as you can feed a balanced diet that contains high-quality ingredients. The branded dog food costs a bit but it is worth spending money.

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Foods To Avoid For Beagle

The food should not contain fillers. They do not add nutrients or calories to the food. The only reason for the addition of these fillers is to pump up the food. Even we humans should avoid such fillers. If the food doesn’t contain nutrients then it will be passed without getting absorbed in the body. These ingredients can cause certain health issues in the body of the dog.

It is very important that the food contains all the nutrients inappropriate value. By nutrients we mean the protein, carbs, and fat content should be proper. Every nutrient plays an important role in the proper growth of the dog. Low amount of fat means poor skin health and low energy. Similarly, low protein would mean low muscle mass. So check the ingredients list properly

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There are different forms of meat served to the dogs. One is the real meat that is pure and contains all the nutrients in real form. Another one is rendered meat or by-products. 

By-products are the one that is declared unfit for human consumption. Rendered ones are of those animals that die while transportation or diseased animals. So the beagle food labeled as by-products or rendered meat should be avoided.

The last thing that you have to take care of is that the food doesn’t contain artificial coloring, chemical additives, preservatives, or flavors. These are added to make the food taste better or last longer. You should try and avoid such things as these can lead to allergic reactions. If in any case, you want to use them then serve a small amount to the dog to see if it affects the dog or not.

Feeding Beagle Food: How often you should do it?


4 weeks-8 weeks old

If the Beagle puppy is young that is of two to three weeks then they will only feed on their mother’s milk. It is only after four weeks that you must start feeding solid food to him. In the beginning, it is difficult for them to get used to a solid diet. You can add some canine milk to solid food. 

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You can even try the best wet dog food for beagles. With each passing day reduce the quantity of milk in the dry food. Eventually, the dog will get used to eating solid food. You can give them food in small quantity six to seven times per day.


8 weeks-6 months old

If you brought the dog the time it started feeding semi-solid food then by now the dog might be used to solid food. You can feed the dog with the same dog food brand. In another case, if the dog is brought now then feed the same food that the breeder used to feed him. If you want to feed another type of food then try giving it to him in small quantity.

Once the dog is 12 weeks old its time to teach him to follow a schedule. Now, its time to feed the puppy three times a day. With time the dog will become used to the schedule and become more well behaved


6 months to one year old

After six months you won’t have to treat the dog like a newborn puppy. Now, feed the dog twice a day. So you won’t have to take too much stress of feeding the dog again and again. The plan we are suggesting over here doesn’t need to be strictly followed. You can even opt for three times but the portion should be the same as two meals. So divide it into three parts.

One year old and older

Once the dog reaches the age of one year it is ready to turn in to an adult. It marks the beginning of turning into a muscular dog. For maintaining the dog’s health you will have to make sure that the dog gets proper training and exercise. Stay aware of the beagle food amount that you are going to serve.

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How to feed the Beagle dog?

The easiest way to feed the Beagle is by using its inclination towards the interesting scent. You can play a game with a dog by hiding the dog food. Once the beagle feels hungry he will automatically search food by using its scent and eat it. Another way could be to give a toy for chewing to the dog. You can fill them with some food items that your dog would love to dig out and eat. If you are going to spend more time with the dog then it will get attached to you. So you will be able to feed the dog easily by directly serving it.

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Top Beagle Dog Food Brands


Orijen is one of the highest rated dog food brands. There are different varieties available for different age groups. It has a high nutrition value. It is the best dry dog food for beagles. The main ingredients of the food are fresh chicken meat, whole eggs, and more. There are also healthy beans, apple, carrot, and pears in it. So you will be assured that the dog’s body will get proper nutrition for growth.

Taste of the wild

Taste of the wild uses modern science to provide the dog with what it needs. According to modern science, the dogs still share the DNA of their ancestors like a canine. So the food is created to give the dog a grain-free option that is inspired by what the dogs were meant to eat from the earlier times. With the taste of the wild, you will get a premium quality dog food. It is one of the best dog food for beagles 2019. Also, the ingredients are highly taken care of.

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Royal Canin

Royal Canin is one dog food brand you can always trust for any breed of dog. People are highly satisfied with this brand. There is a major plus point with buying this brand of dog food. The brand sells the food that is specially made for the Beagles. So you won’t have to worry that it will suit your dog or not. The main aim is to provide the right nutrients according to the need of the dog breed. A Royal Canin beagle will be much healthier as compared to the one that feeds on low-quality food.

People Also Ask

What does a beagle eat?

Beagle is not a picky type of dog. You won’t have to search for your dog’s favorite food in different stores. Just give them vegetables, fruits, meat, or anything else they will happily eat it. The only thing you should consider thinking about is that don’t include food products that are harmful to them. There are grains that are harder to digest like corn so avoid including them in their meals.

How much does a beagle eat?

Beagles eat about 1 cup of quality food. This can be divided into equal portions to serve your dog better. Make sure you make a proper beagle food chart for the dog so that it gets into the habit of eating that way.

Do beagles a lot?

The answer is both a yes and no. If you are going to free feed the Beagle then it will try to as much food as it can. Beagles love food so they try to eat everything fast. It depends on you that how you train them. If you will train them to eat at a specific time and also a specific amount of food.

Can a beagle eat itself to death?

Yes, the beagles can eat themselves to death. Dogs do not know when they need to stop eating. If you are going to leave a bag full of kibble open then come back home to see it empty. The dog will eat up all of it. They will eat to the point of nausea or until they die.


People often concentrate on the thing that is visible to eyes. So they pay attention to the grooming of dogs but they forget how important internal health is. If you are going to feed the right Beagle food then the result will be automatically reflected in their appearance. Food makes the Beagle dog happy so treat him well with nutritious food. Use food as praise for finishing a certain task like training and exercise. You can also check out some strollers variety that may be the need of your dog and you are neglecting it.