BullDog Dog Breed Information

Bulldog lying on the couch

Bulldog: A Detailed Introduction

If you know Bulldog as an aggressive dangerous dog then probably you don’t know anything about the dog. Here, we will give you a deeper look into the dog’s history, personality, and other aspects. The Bulldog started its journey as a dog that fought bulls for sport but that’s the past. The dog is now a great companion for the families. The breed is so popular that multiple colleges have made it their mascot.

There are other names of this breed and that are English Bulldog and British Bulldog. The appearance of this dog is highly different that’s why you can immediately recognize a Bulldog. They are medium in size with weight varying between 40 and 60 pounds. 

Bulldog standing near the lake

The height of these dogs is not much high. It is between 14 and 15 inches. Even after being lowered to the ground these dogs are muscular in nature. The Bulldog types may vary but the height and weight characteristics are same most of the times.

Bulldog is muscular with broad shoulders and sturdy limbs. The face looks like dense wrinkles with pushed nose. The lower jaw is undershot that means the lower teeth appear outwards as compared to upper teeth. 

If you have ever seen a Bulldog then you might have noticed that their lower teeth seems to be visible all the time. There are other types like American Bulldogs that are utility dogs now used in animal farms and French Bulldog that is a domestic breed small in size.


The history of Bulldogs dates back to 1631 or 1632 that is around 400 to 500 years back. The dog was originally used in the sport called bull baiting. It is a blood sport where the Bulldog tries to grab the nose of the bull and pin it to the ground.

Here, multiple dogs take part and the one who does this becomes the winner. The sport was dangerous as several dogs were killed by the bulls in trampling or tossing them. Due to such treatment the dogs underwent temperament changes over the years.

It was only after bullbaiting was announced illegal that the turning point in this breed came. Earlier there were only ferocious types of Bulldogs as they were used for the sport but now the bred was transformed. 

Three Bulldogs of history

The physical appearance of the dogs was changed to attractive ones. Now, the dogs were bred to be used in shows or exhibitions. The alterations were made not only to the temperament but also the physical contour.

A man named R.S. Rockstro formed the first Bulldog breed club in 1864. There were about 30 members in the club and their motto was “hold fast”. Samuel Wickens was the member of this club and he was the one who wrote the breed standard. This was the first breed for which a standard was written in the world. The club’s life wasn’t long. It got disbanded in three years. Bulldogs became part of the American Kennel Club in 1886. The first one to be registered was Bob.

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Bulldog Personality And Temperament

The personality of Bulldog is sweet and sociable. This doesn’t mean the dog is not courageous. The dog will prove to be an excellent watchdog. According to the American Kennel Club, the dog is not aggressive or vicious. Be prepared because the dog will act stubborn occasionally. 

American Bulldog

The temperament of the Bulldog puppies is affected by the way you treat them. You must choose the dog with temperament that is neither too playful nor too shy. If the trainer doesn’t treat the dog well then the Bulldog temperament could be aggressive. It is always good to have a couple of meetings with the dog to understand the dog’s temperament.

Breeders have worked really hard on the Bulldog temperament. From aggression to being kind the dogs have come a long way. This change has made these dogs excellent pets. It is easy for them to form bond with children. They are even friendly with other breeds of dogs. There is one thing that you might not know and that is that the dog is amongst the least intelligent ones. Out of 80 dogs this dog is ranked 78 in terms of obedience intelligence.

Feeding and Care

When it comes to feeding the Bulldog you have to feed them with half to two cups of high-quality dog food. Here, we are talking about full day meal so you will have to divide it into two meals. There are other factors too on which the dog’s meal depends.

If the dog is adult then the dog’s size and build will demand more energy. So you will have to feed them more. Also, if the dog that is more active will need more food as compared to the dog that lies on the couch all the time. Similarly, mini Bulldogs will need less food. If you keep the Bulldog inside then it will remain inactive most of the time.

Bulldogs with a family

It is important to take the Bulldog for a walk on a daily basis. The dog is more of a relaxing breed. After a short walk the dog is ready to take nap. Due to the low to moderate energy levels the dog is suitable for any sort of home. You can keep it in an apartment or yard and it will live happily.

They need extra care due to their pushed-in face. This is the reason Bulldog breathes heavily. People often mistake it as a sign of aggression. They are not swimmers so you will have to keep them away from pool or pond.

Bulldog Health

Bulldogs are prone to certain set of diseases. In 2004 a survey was conducted of 180 Bulldog deaths. In the survey it was found that median age of death of these dogs was six years and three months. Maximum dogs died due to cardiac related problems.

Mini bulldogs

Another set of statistics from Orthopedic Foundation For Animals claim that more than 70% of the Bulldogs were affected by hip dysplasia. The survey was conducted during the time period of 1979 and 2009. It is not necessary that all the Bulldogs will suffer from these diseases. Still, if you know about them then check the dog for those diseases before buying it.


We have often heard people asking that “Are Bulldogs dangerous?”. They are not dangerous. In fact, the personality of the dog is more on the friendly side. If you are going to check Bulldog price then you will find that they are not that costly. If you live in an apartment then buying a Bulldog would be a great decision. 

The dog is loving and gets along really well with children. This easy to care breed will make your home even more happy place to live in. If you are afraid to carry the dog in public then you can even check out our latest collection of dog strollers. You can make your Bulldog happier with it.