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7 Things To Consider Before Buying A Bulldog

Bulldog puppies playing together

What To Look For When Buying A Bulldog

Are you sure you want to buy a Bulldog? Bringing a pet home is a huge responsibility and you should be completely ready to take it. Bulldog is an amazing dog that comes in different types. You can buy an English Bulldog or French Bulldog.

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This is not the only choice you have to make. There are other things that need to be taken into consideration. Here, we have listed them in details with points to consider before buying a Bulldog.

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Choose The Right Breeder

If you want to buy a Bulldog then the first thing you will have to do is find the right breeder. After finding the breeder only you can proceed to the other steps. You can ask people who already own dogs about the breeders they have bought the dog from. Ask them questions about the breeder and how is their experience. It is important to do complete research. 

You can even search online for the breeders in your locality and check their reviews. You must visit the breeder’s place. Look at the dogs and their behavior and environment. This is one of the first things to know about Bulldogs. After proper examination chooses the recommended bulldog breeders that you find the best.

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Temperament is important

For selecting the pet you have to check the characteristic of the dog. Buying a Bulldog without examining these things can result in huge problems later on. Go to the breeders’ place and examine the dog to find signs of aggression. You can monitor the dog and analyze their behavior with other dogs and visitors.

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One thing you will have to adjust after buying a Bulldog is that the dog cannot tolerate isolation. You will have to give them proper time as they will not be happy if ignored. These things can even lead to changes in the dog’s temperament.

Always Check The Bulldog Puppy For Physical Problems

Other than checking the behavioural issues it is important to check physical issues. You cannot take the Bulldog ownership without going through these things. Inspect the puppy to see if the dog walks properly or not. Check for any mark of the previous injury on the dog.

Bulldog puppy playing in water

Bulldogs Need Wrinkle Care

Bulldogs have wrinkles on their face. If you do not take proper care then the dog’s face might get infected. These issues need to be tackled on time other they will become huge. These wrinkles are not like the ones that are seen on our face. They are deep so there is enough breeding place for bacteria or yeast.

Bulldogs face full of wrinkles

The dog’s eyes may water due to several reasons. Most of the time due to activities or heat you will see the water flowing from their eyes to the wrinkles. The fluid gets collected deep into their wrinkles. Bulldog owners must know how to deal with them. Make sure you clean the face wrinkles most often. You can simply use soap and water or cotton balls to clean them.

Check Medical Records

You will have to face owning bulldog pros and cons. After checking the bulldog’s temperament and personality your job doesn’t end. The dog might have suffered from a disease that you might not know. If the dog is not treated well then there are chances that the dog suffers from the same again. At the time of buying the Labrador, the dog’s medical records must be up-to-date.

Vet treating the bulldog

There are multiple ailments that the dog might suffer from. Check for dystocia, facial fold dermatitis, brachycephalic syndrome, and more. It is important to be safe beforehand. If the dog has some issues then most of your time will be spent in visiting the vet. Another point that needs to be taken into consideration is that health issues may arise due to heredity. Do check the medical history of the Bulldog’s parents.

Certification is another thing that is really important. Make sure the dog is vaccinated and the breeder has all the certificates regarding it. The Bulldog puppy should also be certified by the kennel club. Without completing the paperwork and taking all the required certificates and reports you must not buy a Bulldog.

They Do Not Need A Lot Of Exercises

While adopting a dog the first and foremost concern is of the exercise. There are certain breeds like Australian Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and others that require a lot of exercises. You will be surprised to know that Bulldogs do not need much exercise.

Innocent Bulldog puppy picture

If you are going to take the Bulldog for a walk of about 20 to 40 minutes then that would be enough. You should plan a schedule for the dog as the dog responds well to the predictable routine. Bulldog is the right breed for all the lazy ones who do not like going for a jog with the dog.

If there are young children in your family then Bulldog is the one for you. This dog breed is one of the greatest companions that any dog lover would want.

Overheating Is Harmful To Them

Most of the dog breeds are okay with warm temperatures if they are given plenty of water or air circulation. Bulldogs, however, are intolerant of heat. If you are taking the bulldog for outside activity then you should keep a close eye on the dog. In summers when the temperature is really high, your negligence may pose a problem for the dog. The low maintenance dogs cannot survive like that. One of the finest Bulldog advice that we can give is that immediately cool the dog the time it overheats.

Bulldog is resting on ground

Facts About The Bulldogs

  • Bulldogs were initially bred for the purpose of bull baiting. There is a reason for it. The body of the Bulldogs is heavy and is more grounded. It helps them save themselves from the bull when they try to throw them in the air.
  • The breed was once about to extinct. Due to a ban of bull baiting, there was suddenly no need of the Bulldogs. Some breeders started breeding the dog to change its temperament. An aggressive dog doesn’t have a place in anyone’s house. So efforts were taken to change the dog to a more kinder breed. This worked positively for the dog and people started buying Bulldogs.
  • Bulldogs are ranked at sixth position in the list of popular breeds in America. The ranking changes to one when it comes to Los Angeles.
  • They are not great swimmers. You can yourself depict it from their body type. The head is heavy and big while the back is small. For them, swimming is a troublesome task. So it’s better you keep them away from the water.
  • The maximum number of Bulldogs are delivered by Caesarean. Due to large heads, it is difficult for a Bulldog mother to deliver the pups naturally.
  • You might have seen a Bulldog named Stella on modern family. This Bulldog was the first one to win a Golden Collar. The surprising fact is that even a human names Jason Gann were the competitor. So the Bulldog even beat out the human.

Litter Bulldog puppies

  • Bulldogs are considered the best mascots. In the beginning, the soldiers in the United States were often called by the term “Dog Face Soldiers”. Soon the term was given meaning by adopting the Bulldog as a mascot.
  • Presidents love Bulldogs. Warren G. Harding was the U.S. President who owned a Bulldog. In fact, he used to take it along with him to the office. The dog passed away while he was still the President of U.S.A. There was another President named Calvin Coolidge who owned Boston Beans, a Bulldog.
  • Bulldogs are also known for holding Guinness World Record. Yes, you read it right. There is a dog named Otto who made a record of passing through the longest human tunnel on the skateboard. There were 30 humans standing with their legs apart making a tunnel for the dog. It was surprising to see a Bulldog set such a record. The dog is highly popular and has multiple followers on social media sites.
  • Dogs travel with their owners on the airplane. Do you know the dogs even die due to respiratory issues while they are in the flight? The maximum number of deaths are recorded of the Bulldogs. So think twice before boarding a flight with the Bulldog.

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People Also Ask

Do Bulldogs need a lot of attention?

Yes, they do need a lot of attention. You cannot leave the dog alone for the whole day and expect the dog to behave calmly. If you are going to leave the dog lonely then it will impact the dog’s temperament and it will become destructive.

Are English Bulldogs dangerous?

No, English bulldogs are not dangerous. The temperament of this breed was aggressive in the beginning but now it has changed. They are family dogs now. But you have to take a bit extra care of the dog when the strangers are around. They are a bit protective so you have to give it time to understand that the people around you are not harmful.

Are Bulldogs expensive to maintain?

Yes, the dog is expensive to maintain. Firstly, you will have to spend a huge amount on buying them that is between $1,200 and $3500. Now, after owning a dog at such a high price you won’t like spending a huge amount on its maintenance. The dog is prone to a lot of diseases. If you are going to take proper care then you might not have to spend such a high amount.


Buying a dog is a whole new responsibility that anyone should take only if he or she is capable of it. Just like we human the dogs need love and care. So it is important for us to understand these points. You have to consider these things before buying a dog from British bulldog breeders or any other sort of breeder. Another thing that is important is the amount of comfort that you give to the Bulldog pup. Take the Bulldog with you in public places by carrying it in a stroller. This will give them a nice ride and they will be able to feel more comfortable in the stroller. Here, we have added a collection of different strollers to help you choose one. Do check them out if you love your dog.