Dog by pool

Tips to keep your puppy safe around the pool

There is no worse feeling than finding a child or an animal distressed in water. I can still clearly recall when my 8-week old Jack Russell puppy was busy sniffing around and exploring his brand-new home. Although he was only out of my sight for five minutes, I thought he was still following right behind

Patellar Luxation

Patellar Luxation in dogs

Patellar Luxation is a surprisingly common health issue encountered by dogs. In this article we look at what Patellar Luxation is, what causes it and how it is treated. The patella is the technical term for a kneecap, and is a translation of ‘shallow dish’ in Latin. Luxation is defined as the dislocation of an

Dog Anxiety wrap

Anxiety Wraps for Dogs

Just like a human, dogs can experience anxiety, whether in a mild form that only rarely surfaces to one which is more debilitating and commonplace. Regardless of why your dog may be anxious, or what has caused their stress, there is little doubt that anxiety is taxing on your dog’s overall health and well-being. A

Dead dog

What to do when your dog dies?

There is often ambiguity about what to do when your beloved pet passes away. There is no doubt that this will be an emotional time for yourself and your family. The loss of a pet produces sorrow, and sometimes anger, and you should accept that the grieving process takes time. If your pet is ill

Dog Heatstroke

Heatstroke in Dogs

Every year during summer, a significant number of dogs die of heatstroke. Every passing year the number is consistently increasing due to an excessive rise in temperatures and increased heat waves.  Unlike humans, dogs only have a few sweat glands on the bottom of their paws that help dissipate minimal heat from their bodies. Dogs

How to clean a dog's ears

How to clean a dog’s ear

Do you struggle with cleaning your dog’s ears and eyes? Is your dog potentially suffering from ear infections? Are you worried about the production of foul smell from the ears of your dog? These can be a symptom that your dog’s ears require a thorough cleaning. But excessive cleaning of these parts can also lead

Dog ears

Ear Mites in Dogs: Causes & Treatments

What are Ear Mites and Why Does Your Dog Get Them? Ear mites are a type of parasite that can reside in dogs and puppies. They are hard to spot with the naked eye, which makes it difficult to know whether your dog has them. A vet will usually require a microscope to confirm the

Can dogs have autism

Can Dogs Have Autism?

A popular question among dog owners is if dogs can have autism. Which is an interesting question because if people can have it, then why couldn’t a dog have it? Today I am going to break the controversial question down and leave you informed about the topic. The Current Situation of Dogs and Autism The

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Dogs

Like humans, dogs too can suffer from a condition known as irritable bowel syndrome, sometimes referred to as IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome is the result of chronic inflammation of a dog’s stomach lining, which causes problems in absorbing nutrients from consumed food along with food passage issues. The condition typically is a chronic one in

Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a behavioral disorder that causes dogs to become anxious, afraid and destructive, usually when you leave the house. Dogs with separation anxiety have been known to destroy sofas, chew their way through closed doors and shred clothing, sometimes in the same day! Owners of dogs with separation anxiety are often afraid to leave their

Dog Cancer

Dog Cancer: What it is and What You Can Do About it

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death among humans and like humans, dogs too, face the risk of developing cancer as they age. In fact, it is what kills dogs the most and according to estimates, out of every three domestic dogs, one will develop cancer. The risk of development is the highest

Dog Eye Problems

Dog Eye Problems

Identifying the Cause and Treatment It is always a good idea to have a general understanding of dog eye problems when you are the owner of a canine buddy. This knowledge can help you spot potential vision issues in the early stages so you can quickly get the veterinary help your dog needs. Understanding the

Dog Spay

To Spay Or Not To Spay Your Dog

If you’re a dog owner who’s really concerned about your female puppy’s future health, you may be wondering whether to spay your female dog or not. No one can make this decision for you, but there are some well-known reasons as to why spaying your dog is a good thing to do. Spaying, sometimes referred

Kennel Cough

Dog Kennel Cough

What is Kennel Cough? If you have or are thinking about getting a pet dog, you’re sure to be worried about your pet’s health. One common ailment that many dogs suffer from is called tracheobronchitis, or kennel cough. This highly contagious upper respiratory infection is the most common among dogs in the US, and is prevalent in

Hip Dysplasia

Dog Hip Dysplasia

Almost everyone has heard of hip dysplasia – an uncomfortable and dangerous problem that occurs in certain breeds of dogs. This malformation of the hip socket is the biggest cause of rear leg lameness in dogs. It causes painful canine arthritis and many other problems, and happens most often in larger breeds. It’s one of

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French spaniel

French Spaniel

The French Spaniel originated in both France and Canada.  Though considered medium in size, this active dog is one of the largest spaniel breeds and noticeably quite long-legged for a spaniel.  They are alert, athletic, agile, and have a lot of stamina so are the right breed choice for owners that want a dog with

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Lakeland terrier

Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier A Lakeland Terrier has no idea whatsoever that they are actually a small dog and will walk around like they own their castle, full of cockiness and confidence. Originally from the Lake District of England, this feisty canine overflows with self-confidence yet is a lively and friendly companion. Lakeland Terriers are small, boxy

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Dog by pool

Tips to keep your puppy safe around the pool

There is no worse feeling than finding a child or an animal distressed in water. I can still clearly recall when my 8-week old Jack Russell puppy was busy sniffing around and exploring his brand-new home. Although he was only out of my sight for five minutes, I thought he was still following right behind

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Lost dog

How to find your dog when they go missing

When you bring a dog into your life, you very quickly get used to having them around the household, it makes you feel that you won’t be able to live without them. However, dog are curious animals that love to explore, play and chase things, which can lead to them becoming lost or separated from

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