How to Deal with Neighboring Dogs and Their Pesty Owners

We all have them, neighboring dogs with pesty owners. Oh, sure, the dogs are irritating, but they are not the problem. Their owners are. The owners seemed to think that other people love their dog as much as they do. Sorry, that’s just not the case. No matter how much you like animals, other people’s pets can be bothersome.

Probably the largest complaint people have about neighboring pets is the barking. Constant barking can be very annoying. Even worse, the owners don’t even seem to notice it. That could be because the dog house always seems to be as far away from the owner’s house as possible. Unfortunately, that usually puts it right next to the neighbor’s fence and close to his house. And as luck will have it, their bedroom is usually on that end.

The second complaint people have with their neighbor’s dog is that it and its owner seems to think it is perfectly acceptable for the dog to “go potty” in the neighbor’s yard. Yikes, if you wanted to clean up dog do-do, you’d get your own dog. To set the record straight, it is not all right for a dog to use the neighbor’s yard for his bathroom. That’s just plain bad manners on the part of the owner to allow it.

Allowing a dog to run loose through the neighborhood chasing everything that moves is another no-no. Dogs can scare children and even adults. The owner may know the dog is just having fun, but the person being chased isn’t so sure. It can cause children to wreck their bicycles or fall. Owners should never allow a dog to chase a person or a car.

Also, allowing a dog to run loose gives it the opportunity to get into people’s garbage and spread it everywhere. There’s nothing more annoying than having to pick up garbage strewn all over the street. While your dog is safely contained in his own yard, you are cleaning up after a neighbor’s dog.

So how do you handle these dogs and their owners? First of all, remember they are your neighbors. These are people you will probably be living next door to for years to come, maybe even after the dog is gone. Try to keep that in mind as you prepare to confront your neighbor about his dog.

Letting your neighbor know about your gripes is the only way you can hope to solve them. If you say nothing and suffer in silence, your neighbor will not even realize how much the dog annoys you. And the annoyance will go on and on. Therefore, you will need to speak up.

Pick a time to go over to your neighbor’s house to talk to him. Never go while you are angry. Remember, you don’t want to start a feud with your neighbor. Be calm and polite. Start the conversation out by telling your neighbor you need to talk to him about his dog. Don’t start out telling him what he has to do; that will instantly put him on the defensive.

Ask if there’s any way he can move the dog’s house away from your house. Tell him you and your wife have been having trouble sleeping and the dog’s barking is keeping you up. By asking him if he can move the dog house, you are giving him the suggestion, yet making it his option.

If you can get your neighbor to contain his dog, you will solve many of yours and your other neighbors’ problems with the dog. If it is contained, it will not be able to chase people or cars or get into the garbage. And hopefully, that will stop the do-do in the yard. So how do you do this without creating an all out war? You could tell the owner that you are worried the dog is going to get hit by a car or maybe be picked up by the dog catcher. You could mention that you saw the dog catcher in the neighborhood. Or you could tell him you saw the dog chasing a child, causing it to fall. This may be a little white lie, but hey, it could have happened. Tell him you don’t want him to get sued.

Of course, if you are already on the outs with your neighbor, he may tell you to go jump in the lake. In that case, you can be honest and tell him you are the one who called the dog catcher.

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