It’s True that Dogs Dislike Mailmen

Well, one sunny afternoon, I was outside my mothers house watching her two small dogs, since my dog Rufus, thinks they might be chewtoys, I had to have him chained outside. Now Rufus has always disliked mailmen, but this one particular one drove him insane, that mailman didn’t want to come within 100 feet of him, I got up and walked over and got the mail. But Rufus somehow snapped the chain he had on, (which is supposed to hold up to 250 lbs, guess not). He ran, the mailman ran, and Rufus tackled him, mail was everywhere! I was so scared that he might have really hurt him, but he just left him and came back. I felt so bad for the poor guy, he was just delivering mail, you know? But I guarantee he had to go home and change his pants.

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