My Nutty Dog Dusty

Funny Stories to Celebrate National Dog Day

There are probably a thousand funny dog stories that I could tell you. Around here something silly happens every day. The fact is my dog is a nut.

Shoot Some Hoops

Dusty is a seven year old Beagle mix; mixed with what I don’t know. Ever since he was a puppy he’s had this crazy habit of “playing basketball” with his dog food. He’ll pick a single piece from his bowl and throw his head up, sending the food flying across the room. Then he proceeds to chase after it, pick it up and throw it again. It reminds me of the movie, “Air Bud”. If he had a basketball goal, he’d probably make a slam dunk!

Off To The Races

My oldest son loves to run. He pretends our yard is a track, running around and around like he’s in a race. One day Dusty decided he was going to join in. Needless to say he won the race and then ran “victory laps” around the flower bed. My son demanded a rematch, but to this day he has never gotten it.

Chasing Lights

One of Dusty’s favorite pastimes is chasing lights around the room. I take a flashlight or one of those toy lasers and shine it around while he tries to catch it. He’ll jump halfway up the wall in his attempt to capture the mysterious moving light. If I shine it on the ceiling, he sits and barks at it. One night a firefly snuck into the house unnoticed. The lights were off and everyone had gone to bed for the night, when all the sudden Dusty started barking. I turned the light on and he stopped barking. Of course, I didn’t see the little bugger and went back to bed. No sooner that I flipped the light switch, Dusty started barking again. This time I didn’t turn on a light. I just followed his gaze up to the ceiling where the firefly sat, blinking away. I took the firefly outside and let it go and everything was quiet for the rest of the night.

Dogs have a way of lighting up people’s lives. They are always loyal, always loving, and they sure know how to make us laugh. It’s no wonder their dubbed “man’s best friend”. On August 26, why not do something special for your best friend and wish them a Happy National Dog Day!!

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