Remember Your Pet With a Keepsake Tribute Rock

Memorial Stone

Smooth rock 
Paint (optional) 
Stencil and marker or rubber stamp image of a pet 

There was one thing that was very apparent from the time my daughter could walk: she loved animals of all types and, as it turned out, would own many over the years. The sad thing about that is, well, some of them died. She wanted a way to remember them – as if she could ever forget them – and she got a rock out of the yard as the way to do that. I helped her as we wrote the name of the pet, the birthday (if we knew it), and the day of the passing, on the rock. She drew a little picture of her pet with a permanent marker and then put the stone away to save. Over years, several pets passed, and she made a rock for each of them. She’s not little now, so she doesn’t draw a kindergarten image of a cat, but she still makes the pet memorial rock for each animal that passes. Your child – or you – might also create a keepsake pet rock to honor your beloved cat, dog, bird, or other animal.

A smooth stone makes it easy for you to write and draw on the surface. You can buy a single stone at a craft store and, sometimes, at a home improvement store. Another choice is to get a rock from a river bank. It’s up to you if you want to paint the clean, dry rock, or leave it as it is. A gold or silver rock is gorgeous, a pastel color is pretty, but the rustic image of the rock – as it is – is beautiful.

You or your child can draw a cat, dog, or other animal, on the rock. Or, use a rubber stamp to create an image that looks similar to your pet. Another choice is to use a stencil and marker.

Write under the picture, the name, date of passing, or other information, on the memorial rock. You could write a one-liner about your pet’s personality, you can spell out a memorial about how much the dog or cat will be missed, and you can add other info, if you desire. When the rock says what you want it to, put it up on a mantle, set it on a shelf, or place it in a basket with other pet memorial rocks. All you, or your child has to do, is pick up the tribute stone every now and then, and enjoy the happy memories that come rushing back to you.

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