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9 Points To Consider Before Buying A Labrador Retriever

Are you planning to buy a Labrador? If yes then before buying a Labrador Retriever it is important to know certain points. These points will help you in deciding whether or not you should buy this dog breed. It is a beautiful feeling to bring an adorable Labrador puppy home. Not only this breed but there are multiple of them. They are athletic puppies so we believe that before becoming a parent to the dog you should know more about it. If buying a Labrador Retriever running on your mind then you have to answer certain questions.

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These questions will automatically give you an answer that whether you are taking the right decision or not. If you can answer them in a positive way then buying a Labrador puppy is right.

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    Is buying a Labrador in your budget?

    Labrador Puppies sitting quietly

    If you are considering only the cost of buying the Labrador Retriever then you are highly mistaken. It isn’t a machine that comes with a warranty so you don’t have to spend for years. Just like you need to spend on your family you will have to spend on the dog. Let’s talk about the first consideration. The price varies from breeder to breeder. Each breeder trains and takes care of the dog in a different way. Also, the color and other characteristics matter. To give you a rough idea the price would range between $700 and $1100.

    Let’s get into reality and that is the actual spending on the dog starts after buying it. You will have to spend a certain amount from your salary on the Labrador. If you want your puppy to stay healthy then high-quality dog food is a must. A good brand comes at a cost.

    The environmental conditions affect the health of dogs too. So if it suffers from a certain ailment then you have to visit a vet. These days vets charge a high amount and if the ailment is serious then you can imagine how much you will have to pay.

    All this information is not to scare you from buying a Labrador puppy. It is just to give you a reality check. If you can afford the dog then there is no problem at all. A healthy dog will be less susceptible to diseases. For being on a safer side take your puppy for vaccinations. Veterinary insurance can also help up to a certain extent. Food, medicines, bowls, bedding, are certain things that will add to the Labrador’s cost. Make sure that you have the budget to afford these basic necessities.

    Can you spend time with the dog?

    Labrador Dog With Couple
    Time is precious and due to our busy schedules, we do not have time even for our family. We have heard people discussing that they are unable to give their pets proper time. If you are a homemaker then it won’t be a problem for you.
    It is important to realize that the Labrador puppies need proper time. You can’t just buy a puppy and leave it alone for the whole day. Try to relate the things with yourself. During childhood, your parents never leave you along at home. They try to spend maximum time with you. Once you grow up you understand things and staying alone is not a big deal. It is easy to get attracted to the pamphlet that says Labrador puppies for sale but thinks twice.
    If you have enough money then you can hire someone who will stay with your dog all day. Another option could be to leave the dog at your friend or relative’s home. The dogs are friendly in nature so we are sure nobody would resist keeping them. Still, it is a task to keep someone’s dog at home so ask your relatives beforehand. There should be someone who can take care of the Lab in your absence.
    This is one truth that you cannot neglect. People often complain that their dogs have started behaving differently. Earlier they were quiet but now they keep on barking. The problem lies in the owner. He or she is not able to give proper time to the dog. So make sure you give them what they want.

    Is there enough space in your home?

    Labrador Puppy sleeping under stairs

    If you are going to buy a parrot as a pet then it won’t be much of a task for you. They are going to be kept in a cage and that can be hung anywhere in open space. When it comes to pets like dogs they need space. Here, we are talking about both indoor and outdoor space. If you are aware of the Labrador’s personality and temperament then you might know how lively they are. Even if you are going to buy a puppy it will need space to stretch and run around.

    A Labrador doesn’t know what is important to you. It will move around and there are chances that in this process certain things fall. If space is limited then there are more chances that the things get damaged as they will come in its way. Instead of picking up things and storing them somewhere else it is better you provide them with proper space.

    Of course, everything has a solution so even this problem has. You can opt for options like a dog crate. Eventually, your dog will become habitual to living in it. Still, we believe it is better you give them proper space to live and play in. The Labrador will be happiest if you give it proper space.

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    Are you aware of the Labrador Retriever problems?

    Cute black Labrador puppy

    With buying a Labrador Retriever comes certain problems that you have to deal with. The first and foremost mistake is not choosing the right Labrador. There are certain things that come naturally with the dog. If the breed is of an athletic type then it is natural for it to behave restlessly if not exercised enough. Similarly, if its retrieving one then it will carry objects in its mouth. So if you are going to face such problems then in a way you are responsible for it.

    Another set of issues include smell and shedding. Dogs have a certain type of smell that may not be pleasant for everyone. To avoid that you can invest in a good shampoo. The fragrance of the shampoo will overpower the bad smell and you will love being around the Labrador.

    Shedding is the process that involves losing old hair and the growth of new ones. Now, the Labrador’s coat is dense so it loses hair on a daily basis. You can restrict the areas where the dog goes so that it is easy for you to clean the area. Alternatively, you can opt for regular vacuum cleaning. You have to stick to the habit of regular cleaning to maintain the hygiene level of your home.

    Do you know how important Exercise and Training are for Labrador?

    Labrador playing fetch

    Labrador belongs to high-energy dog breed. That’s why need a lot of exercise. Without exercise, you won’t be able to maintain their physical and psychological health. Without physical activity, they tend to become crazy that leads to destructive behavior. You will have to take them to the park for at least 30 minutes. If it is of retrieving breed then you can simply play fetch with it.

    An important point to note here is the exercise needs of a puppy and a grown-up dog differ. Until the dog is not a year old it can play around a bit and little exercise will do.

    There is a certain behavior pattern of Labrador that is not acceptable. For example, Labradors love digging, chasing other animals, and other stuff that we don’t want them to do. So you have to teach them how to behave. For this proper training is required. Again this is linked to time. You should have time to teach certain things to your dog. Experts advise that you should start training dogs when they is 6 weeks old. With a lot of teaching, it will grow as a well-behaved dog.

    Are you opting for the right dog breed?

    Yellow Labrador happy

    There are multiple dog breeds available in the market. So why are you interested in buying a Labrador Retriever? Is this dog breed really the one for you? These are simple questions that you must know the answer about. For this, you have to know about the Labrador in detail.

    If you will read about its history, personality, temperament, feeding, and other details then you will be able to make the right choice. Now, you might be wondering how will you get this information. Don’t worry we will share that article with you. Just click on the link that is given below.

    If you will read about its history, personality, temperament, feeding, and other details then you will be able to make the right choice. Now, you might be wondering how will you get this information. Don’t worry we will share that article with you. Just click on the link that is given below.

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    Are you ready for the commitment?

    Labrador family dog

    Bringing a dog home is not an easy task. You have to be committed to this beautiful relationship. Your dog needs your care and time. The lifespan of Labrador is of about 15 years. For the whole life, it will depend on you. Consider this fact before buying a Labrador. The dog is going to stay with you for years to come. There are tons of ways by which you can take proper care of them and take anywhere you want.

    The dog is not bound to anything. For public places, you can check out the dog stroller for Labrador. In this way, you can stick to the commitment without compromising on your and dog’s comfort. These dog strollers may not sound as good as they actually are. They have managed to change the whole relationship between the owner and the dog. Your Labrador will feel more comfortable and you will be able to live a peaceful and happy life with it.

    Will a Labrador Dog fit in your family?

    Labrador Retriever dog with family

    If you are planning to make a new addition to your family then think before proceeding. There is a right time for everything and the same applies to buying a Labrador. Here, an important point to consider is your family size and type. Does your family consist of five members who are either adult or teenagers? Another case could be that your family has 4 members out of which two are children. If your family falls in the first category then it will be easy for you to take care of Labrador. In the latter case, you have to think twice. Dogs are just like kids so you should be able to manage both your family members and dogs properly.

    If your kids’ age between three and five then we believe it is a complete no to buy a Labrador. Your kids are going to consider the dog a toy and there are high chances that they will step on them. If you are buying a Labrador then it is your responsibility to make sure it is treated well. If the dog won’t be treated well then it will automatically add to the amount you spend on the dog.

    Is it better to get a male or female Labrador?

    Yellow And Black Labrador dog

    This seems to be a small detail but for those who are interested in appearance, this seems to be important. If the Labrador is a male then they are more muscular and larger in size as compared to females. There is a disadvantage associated with buying a Labrador and that is shedding. Female dogs have two heat cycles every year that means they will act differently and shed more twice. If you are ready to handle this change then buying a Labrador whether it is male or female won’t be an issue for you.

    People Also Ask

    How do you take care of a Labrador?

    The taking care of a Labrador is not as difficult as it may sound. You have to make sure that the dog takes a bath at regular intervals and properly. For this, you must buy a good quality shampoo and use lukewarm water. Make sure you clean all the parts including eyes and ears. Also, the towel dries it to ensure your home also stays clean. Another important thing to consider is the use of dog strollers. It will make them feel that you love them and they will eventually become happier.

    What do I need to buy for a Lab puppy?

    There are tons of things that you can buy for a Lab puppy. If you have money then there is no end to things available in the market. You can buy a collar, dog bed, grooming supplies, dog food, toys, and more. One more thing you can invest in is the radio. If you cannot stay along with a puppy or want it to sleep alone then the radio will help. Just play the radio at low volume and it will act as a good company for him. Often these things are neglected by the pet owners. It is very important to take care of these small things if you are buying a Labrador Retriever.

    Do Labradors bark a lot?

    No, they don’t. They are just like any other pet dogs. But yes if during certain situations you have to bear their barking as it may continue for long. If the dog is frustrated, irritated, or suffering from any sort of disease or pain then it will express it through barking. You can take it as a sign that the Labrador wants to tell you that something is wrong with him and he needs immediate attention. You can examine him and try to solve the problem that he might be going through as it is not one of the pure Labrador puppies characteristics.

    Is Labrador an apartment dog?

    Yes, if you live in an apartment then you can definitely adopt a Labrador. With limited space, it will be a bit difficult for the dog to stay at your home. You can opt for certain things that will help it in getting used to compact space. Dog cradle is a great way to teach it that you have to stay at a certain place. For training and exercise, you can take him out in the dog parks. This way the dog will also get to spend some time in open space. If you take care of these things then it will be much easier for you to take care of the dog.

    How much does it cost to buy a Labrador puppy?

    The cost of the Labrador puppy that you are going to buy depends on multiple factors. Let’s consider that you do not want to pay a high amount for buying the dog. In such a case you can buy dogs that are rescued by various groups or the ones that are kept at an animal shelter. So you can also get free Labrador puppies. The only disadvantage is that they might not be as healthy or muscular as you want them. All the necessities of the dog are not fulfilled by them. Now, coming to the one that is sold at a fair price. Again these range between $350 to $900 depending on the breeder or quality show.

    What is the best way to buy a Labrador puppy?

    If you find a Labrador puppy for sale then don’t just rush to buy it. Always check the breeder details. Research about the breeder and try to find as many details as you can. These days people even review products and services so you can always check online. If the breeder is into breeding healthy dogs then it is great. If the breeder specializes in Labradors then it is definitely a plus point. By using these ways you will be able to buy the right Lab puppies for adoption.

    Are Labradors dangerous?

    No, not at all. There is a reason why it is one of the most popular when it comes to adoption. They are so loving that you will feel like bringing one home the time you see one. Don’t get scared even if you find a large Labrador. They are known for their friendly nature. People of all age groups love them. In fact, your children will also get along with them really fast. A dog will react in a way that is dangerous only if we instigate or hurt him.

    Final Verdict

    A Labrador Retriever is a friendly dog and if you are buying a Labrador Retriever then these points are going to be extremely useful. We have covered these points after keeping in mind multiple scenarios that the owner will have to go through. There are certain results that may slightly differ based on the owner, dog, and the environment you provide him. So make sure you take into consideration each and every point.

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