How to Quarantine New Pet Rat

The rat quarantine process is crucial to rat wellness when a different rat is to be introduced into your home. Your new pet rat may carry diseases particular to rats (but benign to humans). The purpose of the rat quarantine process is to help prevent the spreading of diseases and illnesses to other rats. Here’s how to start your quarantine:

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1. Do not bring a new rat into the same building as your current pet rats. Find someone living in a standalone building who is willing to accommodate your pet rat during the quarantine time period. Rats need to be quarantine is a completely separately air space because some diseases are airborne.

2. The rat quarantine process should last a period of 3 weeks and no less. Watch for any signs of illnesses in your new rat: sneezing, red discharge in the eyes or nose, refusal to eat and lethargy. If during the quarantine process your rat displays symptoms of illnesses, contact your veterinarian. Do not end quarantine until two weeks after signs of illnesses are gone.

3. After handling a rat in quarantine, make you you stay away from healthy rats for a few hours. Some diseases can be spread through contact. After quarantine, change clothes and wash all parts of body that came in contact with the rat in quarantine.

4. Do not allow others handle a rat in quarantine. If one person does all the care-taking for your new pet rats, it reduces the risk transmitting an illness significantly.

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