Things to pack when outing with your dog

Woman Travelling With Dog
Written by The Best of Breeds

Travelling is one of the greatest joys one could ever have. Whether its humans or dogs, everyone loves to have a different experience once in a while. Planning to travel with some special like your better half and your pet dog as co-pilots could make a trip a great memorable experience!

However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds to travel with a pet dog. A variety of challenges are bundled with it. It can be anything ranging from buying travel accessories for dogs like travel bags, dog carriers, and make more concessions throughout the journey. There may be instances where one might need the helping hand of special dog travel gear and unique stay accommodations for the dog in the case where taking a dog on the premises is prohibited. To overcome out of such situations and ensure a comfortable experience for the dog through the entire journey, one needs to pack a certain pack of things. Here’s a brief rundown of things to get:

Food Supplies

Tin of Dog Food

This is perhaps one of the essential things to pack for a pet dog going on a journey. Sufficient boxes of heavy dog food, accompanied by enough amount of wet food and little serve snack packs shall serve the purpose. Keeping such supplies handy ensures that a dog isn’t left craving for food and ends up having critical stomach issues due to severe hunger. A regular meal with a few snacks here and there will keep the pet dog fit for the due course of the trip. In case your regular travel cases are unable to handle these supplies, unique dog travel gear like trunks can come in handy to save the day.


Animals like to wander off into the wild and vanish into it, especially when they are exposed to a new environment. It can turn out to be a truly painful experience for the pet owners seeing their pets never again. So, to avoid such kind of tragedy, one must ensure packing vital dog wearables like collars, tags, and leash in the travel bags for dogs. Such travel accessories for dogs enable the owners to control their pets while taking them on an outing and ensure that the owners are easily reachable with the helpful information like name and mobile number that may be printed on either of the dog’s wearable accessory.

Safety kits

A pet dog is likely to much more pumped while being exposed to a new environment. Such an unexplored environment is likely to encourage the pet to wander around hastily. Such kind of activeness may cause sudden injuries to them if they happen to run in unsafe regions. This is why having safety kits is essential to pack while gathering travel accessories for dogs. Keeping different forms of safety equipment like first aid kit in the dog travel gear helps cover bruises, bumps, and scratches that might happen to the pet dogs. Additionally, keeping accessories like tweezers and antiseptics inside the travel bags for dogs ensures that an owner is easily able to get rid of stones, ticks, or splinters and cover the bleeding areas with gauze bandages, tapes, eyewash, wipes, powder, and other patching gears.

A home

Dogs prefer to rest in the way they have been habituated to. This often includes places like petting crates and small dog houses. This is where the crates come in. Crates are not only portable but also serve as stylish dog carriers during a journey. They gave to give the pet dogs that much needed sense of familiarity with all those experienced comfort sheets and their peculiar smell. Such kinds of portable dog crates also help dogs rest peacefully in case they are suffering from any kind of problems like arthritis, hip, or joint pains.

Dog carrier

Comforting supplements

Comforting a dog

Some pet dogs are different when it comes to precepting new people and new environments. This is why some pet dogs tend to resort themselves into a corner. While the caretaking can mostly address such issues, there are instances when the cuddling and squeezing the pet dog might fall short. This is where comforting supplements like CBD oils can come in handy. Such supplements help address the anxiety faced by pet dogs during long journeys or at unknown destinations.


Be it a shedding season or not, dogs tend to leave their furs everywhere they rest. It can be frustrating to get rid of such tiny shedding if they are left of car seating completely. If a pet owner does not like the idea of cleaning their car seats often, one can prefer to get the seat covers and blankets as add-ons. Such coverings not only protect the seats from getting fur filled and being damaged but also ensure that they can rest with comfort. Blankets additionally can be carried anywhere the dog goes and is dropped anywhere the dog rests to ensure that the dog doesn’t shed fur at guest’s as well as other friendly places.

Dog with blanket

Safety Gear

Double Seat Car Booster Dog Seat

Not all road trips are the same. There are instances where one might need to jolt themselves upon safety gear like safety belts. Pets dogs, just like their owners to need their securing types of equipment to keep them intact and safe during the journey. Keeping safety belts like dog travel gear and equipping them when needed ensures that pets don’t fall sick or injured due to sudden jumps during a car trip.


Perhaps no dog travel list is complete without the fun of toys and treats! Dogs like to play around with their favorite toys like rubber balls and squishy bones. Even treats like dog biscuits can help dogs rejoice the new environments and breathe in the comfort of the new place it finds itself in. These all serve as a great way to build up energy amongst the dogs.

Dog with toys

Wrapping Up

These are some of the basic things every pet owner needs to take care of while taking their pet dogs on a journey. A little bit of homework before embarking on a long-awaited journey can truly help owners and their pets make a memorable experience out of the trip.