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When should you use a dog stroller?

Written by The Best of Breeds

If you mention a dog stroller to someone who doesn’t own a dog then they are going to look at you funny and question what’s the point of a dog stroller? In fact, this is probably the biggest down side for anyone who owns a dog stroller, having to explain to people that using a dog stroller.

Just like wanting to have a pram for a baby, there are many good reasons for wanting a dog stroller for your furry friend.

In this article, we look at the most common reasons for wanting to get a dog stroller for your dogs.

Going to the vet is much easier

Have you ever tried taking a litter of puppies to the vet? Then you can understand why having your tiny furry ones in a dog stroller can make your life so much easier.

Older dogs can benefit from a dog stroller when going to the vets too. If they’re unwell, injured or if they’ve had surgery then they may not be up to walking to the vets. By getting them into a dog stroller you are able to get them to the vet in comfort.

Another benefit is that if your dog has a poor immune system, whether that’s due to it being ill, having undergone treatment or starting to get older, you’re able to protect them a little more.

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Older dogs still enjoy going outside

Old dog

As dogs get older they still want to go outside. It’s good to give them the chance to get fresh air and a change of scenery. If you’ve spent years with your dog then you’ll want to make sure their golden years are still enjoyable for your dog.

The problem comes with walking. As dogs get older they are likely to develop arthritis or other issues that make it difficult for them to walk for a long time. By using a dog stroller you’re able to take your dog out for a walk but be able to let them rest and continue on when they start to get tired.

While we’ve heard some people say that you should just leave them home with a bone we’re not sure if that’s how we would treat our beloved friends as they start to get into their older years.

Looking after those paws

When the weather is really hot or really cold then the pavements can become uncomfortable for our dogs. In summer the pavements can become scorching hot and winter freezing cold. Now imagine having to walk on that in your bare feet!

Dog’s paws are obviously more resilient than our feet but it will still be uncomfortable for them. This is why being able to provide your dog with an opportunity to go between places without having to face that can be a good thing.

This can also apply if you need to take your dog somewhere where there will be sharp ground under their paws for part of the journey.

More dogs, more fun

Dog Walking

Sometimes when you’re walking more than one dog it can feel like they want to go off in more directions than you have dogs! If you’ve got multiple small dogs then having a dog stroller can give you a chance to get them to where you can safely to your destination without having to worry about them going off in separate directions and causing problems with their leashes.

This doesn’t work quite as well with multiple larger dogs as most double dog strollers won’t fit multiple large dogs, though you can buy dog strollers that are specifically designed to accommodate larger dogs, just don’t expect to fit multiple Great Danes in one.

Exercising with your dog

Whether you’re the sporty type or looking to get in shape going out for a run or cycling is a great way to exercise. It’s one of those sterotypical images people think of about having a dog, that they’ll be able to go out for long walks/runs with their dog.

This works if you have a dog that is able to run as long as you but not all dogs can. This is where a dog stroller can come in handy, the ability to be able to bring them along, let them get the fresh air while still getting your exercise in.

Using a dog stroller for running or cycling has the added benefit that you’re having to use energy to move the dog stroller and dog as well, which gives you an added cardio hit!

Keeping your dog safe in crowds

Taking your dog to events can be a great experience for you and your dog. Whether it’s a sports match, a festival or a picnic

Crowds can also be a very stressful environment for your dog. Remember, your dog is down there on the ground so they won’t be able to see much, which can cause additional stress for them. While we don’t want our dogs to be stressed, it’s also worth noting that if a of starts feeling stressed or in danger then it is more likely to snap, even if it is normally very calm.

Easier to carry

The main alternative to a dog stroller is a dog carrier and while a dog carrier definitely has times where it is useful it has its downsides.

Dog carriers only work for smaller dogs and relies on you being able to hold the carrier for a long time, which may not be possible for everyone.

Whereas with a dog stroller the dog’s weight in carried by the stroller and you only need to push the stroller to get your dog from a to b.

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Shopping, sometimes, made easier

Dog waiting

Most shops have a preference for dogs to be left outside, with the obvious (legally mandated) exception of guide-dogs. While not every shop will allow it, a lot more are accepting of dogs in strollers.

The main thing that shops are trying to prevent is the dog going around touching stuff or making a mess, if they’re in a dog stroller then they won’t be able to do that.

Not all shops will accept that and they may still ask you to leave your dog outside, but you’re more likely to be able to go in with your dog if it is in a dog stroller.

Different sized dogs

Different sized dogs have different requirements for how much they need to walk. If you have a large dog, they’ll need a lot of walking to keep healthy. However, if you also have a smaller dog, whether a smaller breed or a younger dog, they need substantially less exercise.

If you want to take both your dogs out for a walk at the same time, then you’re likely to end up either having an exhausted small dog or an under-exercised larger dog.

A dog stroller allows you to walk your dogs until they’re both properly exercised. The smaller dog can climb into the stroller when they’re tired and let the larger dog carry on.

Big Small Dog

Shade on a day out

Dog on the beach

There’s not much better than going for a trip to the beach or for a picnic with your dog. Both you and your dog will be able to have a great time outside. However, if your dog is getting a little older then a long day walking on the beach may be too much for them, but they’d still love to get the view and fresh air. Finding a dog stroller for the beach can allow them to join you and when they start to tire, they can get in the stroller while you continue.

As an added benefit of a dog stroller you’re able to let your dog use it as shade when you’re out on a hot sunny day. This probably isn’t a reason to get a dog stroller in itself, but if you’re going to use one anyway it’s a great benefit.

If you won’t be using a dog stroller for transporting your pooch then it’s probably better for you to look at getting something like a dog tent.

When you shouldn’t use a dog stroller

While dog strollers are a great tool they shouldn’t be misused.

Your dog needs to get its exercise. If you’re pushing your dog around everywhere in the dog stroller then you won’t give them a chance to get their necessary exercise in. This can lead to health issues, including putting on weight, which will put more strain on their joints when they do walk, which can lead to early arthritis.

Fat dog

So, should you get a dog stroller?

Hopefully the above has helped you to understand the some of the reasons why you may want to look at getting a dog stroller. These are just a guide to help you make your own decision, some may be more important to you than others.

Are you still likely to get weird looks from people, yes but at least you will know that you’re doing the best you can for your pooch.

Have we missed any reasons why you think it is a good idea to use a dog stroller? If so, let us know through our Contact Us page.