Best Comfortable, Water-Resistance, and High-Quality Outdoor Beds for Dog

Dogs sleeping on bed
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Your innocent and loyal four paw pet fails to take care of itself. So, adopting a lovable pet like a dog doesn’t end the task by catering only to its food requirements. There is an abundance of responsibilities towards your new friend.

It might sound like taking care of a baby but that’s quite obvious. Your true companion requires various accessories that include collars, leashes, dog foods, health supplements, bowls, medicines, shampoos, brushes, blankets, and much more.

However, the most important thing that owners often neglect is having a dog bed. The best outdoor beds for dogs provide them with a much-needed personal space to rest. Just like human beings, dogs too require adequate rest and sleep after a day full of activity.

Let’s understand the concept behind having beds for dogs.

Importance of Dog Beds

Dogs sleeping on bed

Over the years, we are seeing dog owners are becoming cautious about the safety of their furry friends. The growing popularity of dog beds is due to their added level of comfort and convenience in enjoying a good nap.

The cushion-like material offered in most of these beds allows the dogs to get cozy and snuggle inside. It’s like a safe zone where your friends know that he/she is living in a protected environment. This prevents them from catching a cold while lying on the hard grounds.

With the help of our buyer’s guide, you can get the best outdoor beds for dogs from the market

Buyer’s Guide on Best Outdoor Beds for Dogs


One of the primary things to look at before buying a bed for the dog is the type of bed. The different variations include covered bed, donut bed, raised bed, heating bed, cooling bed, etc. During those summer days, the cooling bed ensures maximum comfort for your dog.

Likewise, during the winters your dog will feel snuggled in a warm bed. For your aging friend, an orthopedic bed is ideal to support his/her joints and pressure points.


The best outdoor beds for dogs are available in a variety of materials. Different materials are used in curating the dog beds that include denim, fleece, flannel, microfiber, or faux suede. Some even feature the memory foam, that ideal to retain the body temperature of your pet.

Materials usually vary from bed to bed, enhancing the level of feel-good experience for dogs.


Depending upon the body structure of your dog, you should prioritize purchasing the size of the bed. If you don’t take the size into consideration, it can be difficult for your furry friend to accommodate inside the bed. Now, you can get a customized large size bed from online stores.

Dog beds are available in different sizes like small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large making them adjustable for every dog. Typically, it is recommended to go for a size that is slightly bigger.


It is important that your canine friend enjoys their private space and have good rest. It is vital to pick dog beds that ensure utmost comfort while resting.

Today, many beds are designed with cushioned edges and bottom made from raised fluffy material. This makes it a convenient place to snuggle in. Moreover, look for the material whether it offers a breathable mesh or not.

Small dog in bed
Puppies in bed

Easy to Clean

Your outdoor dog beds can become dirty if it isn’t washed periodically. Get the best outdoor dog beds that are made from materials like cotton, velvet, or mesh. These fabrics can easily be washed using a washing machine.

Being an owner, you wouldn’t like a bed filled with hair and it’s necessary for your dog’s hygiene purpose. So, having a dog bed that can be cleaned readily makes it pretty convenient for the owners. 

Anti-Skid Base

An essential criterion in an outdoor dog bed is having an anti-skid base. This prevents the bed from slipping while your naughty canine friend tries to jump within it.

This feature will safeguard your pet from inviting unwanted injuries. So, it is wise to invest in a quality dog bed that supports the anti-skid base.


Another feature that adds to your convenience while purchasing a dog bed is to check for portability. Pick beds that are easily foldable and supports a lightweight design. This enables it to be carried across the different corners of the room at an ease.

There are even elevated beds and travel beds that come in handy while taking your pet for traveling and camping activities.


Your four-pawed buddy can accidentally wet the bed at night. By having a dog bed made from water-resistant materials you can protect against accidents and stains.

There is no need to change and wash the bed at frequent gaps. It’s worth reducing much of your hassles.

Chewing Behavior

We are all familiar with the chewing habits of the dogs. However, there are dogs that chew almost everything that includes their sleeping beds. So, if you are aware of this behavior of your dog, you must get a bed that is made from durable and chew-proof material.

Materials like ballistic and military-grade fiber offer a superior resistance when it comes to withstanding the destructible chewing nature of your dog.

Sleeping Patterns

While purchasing a dream bed for your pet buddy, it is equally essential to understand his/ her sleeping behavior. If your dog loves stretching and spreading out at the time of sleeping, you need to have a dog bed with a large surface area.

On the other hand, if your dog prefers curling or snuggling a donut bed or raised bed makes good choices. Observe the sleeping pattern of your dog before opting for any type of bed.

Dog on dog bed

Final Thoughts

The buying guide outlining all the crucial factors will give you a hint while purchasing the perfect dog bed. Your budget will also decide when it comes to purchasing the best outdoor beds for dogs.

For availing the best care for your furry canine friend, add pillows and cushions that enable resting comfortably.