How to Teach Dogs House Manners

Teaching Dogs to Behave in the House

Dogs are such dogs. They are a lot like kids in many ways. They’ll either choose to listen or they won’t. Sometimes they’ll get hyper and run around like crazy. Other times they’ll break the rules and do things they just shouldn’t do.

Luckily dogs are smart. They are also eager to please. A dog can be trained. All it take is a loving and patient owner. Many dogs are inside dogs. Most pet dogs are in the house most of the time and only go outside to play or potty. When you have a dog in the house, especially around your children, you will want it to have house manners.

What does it mean for a dog to have house manners? It means that they are calm and not hyper active. It means they know not to bother the children when they are eating, or to take food off from the counter or table. A dog with house manners is one who does not get into the garbage, or potty on the floor. A dog with good house manners is well behaved, trained by their owner to follow the house rules.

Training a dog is much like teaching a child. It may take several scolding’s to get them to listen. Also, dogs, like children, benefit from being talked to during discipline. When you catch them doing something wrong a good way to teach them not to do it anymore is to let them know it’s wrong and why. Another thing to do when your dog is caught being naughty that is much like what we do for our children is to use a time out.

A time out with a dog is a little different than it is with a child though. You certainly can’t hook your kids to a leash or a chain. Say your pet dog is begging for your children’s lunch as they eat at the table. If this happens and you wish for your dog to learn to not beg from the kids as they eat the thing to do is to verbally scold the dog and then remove it from the kitchen or dining area. Hook the dog up outside or to an indoor leash until the kids are done eating. When this discipline method is used consistently the dog will learn not to repeat the behavior because they don’t want to be hooked up.

This is a way to deal with any other bad dog behaviors too. However, it is not the only way. Some dogs will respond to a clap of the hands or to a pssst noise like you’d use with a cat. What ever way you choose to let your dog know they have misbehaved should be used consistently.

A rolled up newspaper can also help you to teach your pet dog to have house manners. When you see your dog is doing something that they shouldn’t be doing tap them on the rear with the newspaper and tell them no. The rolled up newspaper makes a big sound but does not hurt the dog. The sound is what they do not like about it.

Pet dogs are wonderful to own. They are loving and loyal. Pet dogs can be trained to behave in the house. Teach them much like you would teach your children, with love and patience. Use doggy time out, a loud noise, or a rolled-up newspaper to let them know when they have done something they are not supposed to do. Thanks for reading and take care!